Kusatsu Onsen

The Kusatsu Onsen is one of Japan’s leading hot spring resorts.
It is ranked in the top 3 in Japan for water quality and allows visitors the opportunity to try out a number of springs free of charge around the central Yubatake, a symbol of the abundant water of the Kusatsu Onsen. The center of the resort is home to rows of traditional Japanese inns and souvenir stores, providing for an elegant atmosphere of the Japan of old. The area is also a popular spot for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding during the winter months.

From Dr. Baelz' Diary

Along with unequalled hot springs and the finest mountain air, Kusatsu boasts perfectly ideal drinking water.
If this area were located in Europe, it might even rank above Kalovy Vary (in Germany, Carlsbad, the number one health resort in present day Czechoslovakia).

Dr.Von Baelz (1849-1913)

Known as "The father of Japanese Medicine", Dr. Baelz was captivated by Kusatsu.

Nakazawa Village(Hotel & Onsen Resort)

Nakazawa Village is a hotel and hot spring resort nestled in the vast woods surrounding Kusatsu and is just a stones throw from the city center.
It boasts a variety of natural springs including large communal baths and outdoor baths, a range of recreational facilities including tennis, skiing, bowling and pools and a number of beauty and massage spots.
Restaurants also offer a whole range of fair including Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine and buffet style dining. Nakazawa Village is an all-season, all-weather resort hotel offering all the fun and enjoyment of each season and the Kusatsu hot springs.

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Direct bus package from Tokyo Station.
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